Frequently asked questions

What products do you have?

Suber Oak manufacture the complete range of products from powders/fine chips for use during fermentation through to Mini Stave/Blocks and Tank Staves for wine maturation together with specialist ‘Finishing Oaks’ for use 2-3 months prior to bottling. Our two different toasting processes allows the client to choose from markedly different oak flavour profiles or ‘mix & match’ to broaden the oak flavours extracted into the wine

What are Oak Adjuncts?

Oak adjuncts are oak products used to supplement/replace the use of oak barrels in winemaking. An adjunct is processed from the same wood used for barrel manufacture, into a product that is easily used in winemaking, but importantly at a fraction of the cost of new barrels.
A 200 year old oak tree cut down to manufacture barrels usually results in more than 80% of wasted wood. The wood rejected from barrel manufacture due to cracks, wavy grain etc and thus would not make a ‘wine tight’ barrel can be utilised as an adjunct as we are only after the flavour derived from the wood during toasting. Adjuncts are thus the more environmentally friendly option in winemaking and with today’s research technology and understanding of wood toasting regimes, adjuncts combined with micro-oxidation techniques are proven to emulate the results obtained from barrels.

How do I use them?

Oak adjuncts can be used at all stages of the winemaking process and come in a variety of sizes to suit both fermentation stages and wine aging, and are added directly to the wine either loose or in 5 Kilogram ‘infusion nets’ (similar to very large tea bags)

How are the products supplied?

At Suber Oak we pride ourselves on our packaging security. All our products are supplied in 25 Kilogram (55 Pounds) Polylaminate outer bags with PE liners to minimise possible post production contamination. Tanks staves are bundled in units of ten and stacked on fully shrink wrapped pallets of 2160 units. We can also package our tank staves to suit your tank applications and label pallets to your specific requirements

What are Tannin Extracts?

Tannin extracts are natural tannins leached out of the wood by the use of aqueous solutions. The dark colour extracted from ‘tea’ bags is also predominantly tannin. It is a naturally occurring product found in most vegetal products. It is also a major component in grapes and oak products used in winemaking. When concentrated is has a dry bitter taste. As a supplement it is used widely in the food industry to provide for better mouth feel.

What products do you have?

Suber Oak’s range of tannins include extracts from Querbracho (condensed tannin), Grape Seed & Skins (pro anthocyanidic) as well as those from French Oak. (elargic) The condensed wood tannins have a structure very similar to the grape (anthocyanidic) tannins and are predominantly used for oxidation protection during fermentation and racking. The grape and oak tannins (Elargic) used for structural enhancement of the wine and oak aromatic elements.

How are the products supplied?

Condensed tannins are supplied in 10Kg poly lined bags
Grape & Oak Tannins are supplied in 500gram polylaminate bags

How much do I use?

The amount of oak added to the wine is dictated by the winemakers requirements. With Suber Oak’s experience in oak adjuncts we can suggest both application rates and soakage times required for the wood flavour extracts to infuse into the wine.

When should I use oak adjuncts?

At Suber Oak we see oak adjuncts being used in three main areas of winemaking
a/ At fermentation : – Powders, Fine Chips, (Mini Staves Tank Staves)
b/ Wine maturation : – Granular Chips, Blocks, Mini Staves, Tank Staves
c/ Prior to bottling : – “XOS” Blocks, Powders

What products should I use?

At fermentation:
Most winemakers will use small chips or powders which present no problems during pump overs or when racking off. Winemakers also use mini staves, blocks and tank staves for white wine, particularly Chardonnay During maturation:
Tank staves, Mini staves, Blocks and Large Chips. (Our Tank staves are supplied in bundles of ten in a ‘fan’ style for easy attachment into tanks) The other products are supplied in 5 Kg (11#) food grade infusion nets Prior to Bottling:
Our range of special ‘Finishing Oaks’ to provide fine oak flavours and aromatics with minimal hard oak tannins

How do I use them?

Tannins can be used at all stages of the winemaking process. Adding tannins earlier in the winemaking process provides more time for their integration with the wine and will also aid in stability and filterability.

How much do I use?

The amount of tannin added to the wine is dictated by the winemakers requirements. Condensed tannin is usually added at a rate of 100-400PPM at the fermentation stage with smaller additions being added during racking and transfers for oxidation protection.
The grape and oak tannins are usually bench trialled to establish a preferred dose rate which can vary between 2 -25PPM depending on the wine and outcomes required

When should I use Tannins?

At Suber Oak we see Tannins being used in three main areas of winemaking
a/ At fermentation : – Condensed tannins Oxidation & Colour Stability
b/ Wine Racking : – Condensed tannin Oxidation protection
c/ Prior to bottling : – Grape and Oak tannins for structural and aromatics