Suber Oak International

Suber Oak Group International is an Australian company, started in NSW in the late 1980’s before moving to the Barossa Valley in South Australia in 1990. Soon after relocating to the Barossa, Suber Oak began to research the production of toasted oak products in a form that could be used in winemaking as an alternative to traditional barrels. Initial trials of adjunct manufacture consisted of crudely (by today’s standards) toasting oak shavings and reclaimed, spent wine barrels from cooperages and wineries. Suber Oak quickly determined, however, that optimum results could be obtained by sourcing high quality oak from the best French and American forests (Jupilles Bercé Forest, Tronçais Forest, Jura / Burgundy Forest and Pennsylvania); seasoning in the places of origin; then further seasoning in Australia prior to processing into the various 100% natural oak products used by today’s winemakers.
The use of these Oak Adjuncts gives winemakers great flexibility in extracting a range of flavours from the oak at considerable savings. Suber Oak’s ‘Traditional’, ‘XOV’ (vanilla) and ‘XOS’ (special) style products offer winemakers a choice of, or combination of, three distinct flavour profiles. The ‘Traditional’ toasting process mimics that of barrel toasting, the ‘XOV’ toasted products highlight the vanillin and sweet flavours and the ‘XOS’ toasted products highlight high vanillin and aromatics with subtle spicy oak. The aim always is the delivery of harmonious, elegant flavours without overpowering the wine.

Winemakers are now more than ever blending the toasting regimes and products to provide a broader and more complex oak character in their wines. Our range of products covers winemakers’ requirements from powder and chip additions at crush through to fermenting and ageing on staves and the use of special finishing oaks in infusion nets at the end of the vinification process.
Suber Oak’s long standing within the wine industry stems from its roots in France, and, today, reaches into all the major winemaking areas of the world. Suber Oak’s commitment to the industry is the ongoing development of new technologies and products, with customer feedback as the basis for evolving the product range to satisfy modern, emerging market trends; and at the same time, retaining traditional products and values.

Suber Oak International, now a leader in the field, has been producing premium quality oak products for over 20 years. Today, Suber Oak International supplies a range of products for the wine industry which include: French and American Oak Adjuncts, Oak and Grape Tannins and Tannin Extract Products. We are proud to distribute our products to both the Australian as well as International markets including: –

  • France
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • USA
  • Argentina
  • Chile
  • China
  • New Zealand
  • South Africa