Wine Tannins By Suber Oak

Our range of tannin extracts cover all aspects required by the winemakers, from the oak & wood tannins for use during fermentation, for colour stabilisation through to the fine tannins to provide structure, mouth feel and aromatics to your aged wines.
‘Suber Oak’ Tannins ‘Flavour + Technology’
The increasing availability of technology is enabling the winemaker to craft exceptional wines compared to just a few years ago.
Taste and technology now combine in winemaking to enhance the natural flavour aspects of wines. Technology enables the winemaker to select specific tannins to support his wine in building structure, softness and also flavour elements creating wines of exceptional quality. Tannin additions are finding an increased role in the following areas

Stabilisation Of The Colour Of Wines

Enhancing wine structure
Protect the wines against oxidation
Aid in wine fining and filtration
As with Oak adjuncts the wines benifit from early addition of tannins.
Tannins are added to the must for colour stabilisation and oxidation protection
After MLF for the fine ‘finishing’ tannins, improving both mouth feel, structure and aromatics.

Our range includes

  • Grape skin tannin Proanthocyanidic Tannin
  • Grape seed tannin Proanthocyanidic Tannin
  • Oak tannin Elargic Tannin
  • Toasted oak tannin Elargic Tannin
  • Wood tannin Condensed Tannin

Product Applications

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    Condensed Tannin

    Added at the crusher or to the must for the oxidation protection of the wine together with colour stabilisation
    White Wines: – 50 -150 PPM
    Red Wines: – 100 – 400 PPM

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    Oak Tannin

    Typically added to wine after Malolactic fermentation to improve the structure of the wine.
    White Wines: – 5 -10 PPM
    Red Wines: – 5 – 20 PPM

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    Grape Tannin

    As for the oak tannin typically added after Malolactic fermentaions to improve the structure and mouthfeel of the wine
    White Wines: – 5 -10 PPM
    Red Wines: – 5 – 25 PPM

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    Toasted Oak Tannins

    Added to the wine to improve its oak aromatic characteristics
    White Wines: – 1 – 5 PPM
    Red Wines: – 2 – 20 PPM

With the exception of the condensed tannin, all these tannin additions are established by laboratory bench test trials to ascertain optimal dosage rates.
Material Safety Data Sheet: – An Grape Extract Products MSDS information sheet is available here  MSDS_Grape_Extract.pdf